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Septic Tank Pumping

Prolong the life and maintain the health of your septic system by having it regularly serviced by Shenandoah Valley Septic Service. Getting your septic tank pumped is part of being a responsible owner of a septic system, and can prevent disaster.


We can pump out your septic tank, clean the sewer lines, repair any pipes as needed, and can install new pumps or lids.

Keep everything flowing as it should

Is your waste draining slowly or not at all? When was the last time your septic tank was cleaned out? If your system is failing or in need of repair, we can properly assess the situation with an inspection and fix the problem.

Comprehensive septic tank repairs

  • Clog removal from septic tanks or lines

  • High-pressure water jetting

  • Septic line damage repair

  • Pump repair and replacement

  • Chemical treatments

  • Drain field replacement and repair

Don't wait until it's too late

It can be difficult to determine the health of your septic system, that’s why regular inspections and cleaning are so important. Contact us today for an inspection if your sewer system.

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